Pop Nation Australia offers lay-by on all listed items.


Pop Nation Australia has re-instated our manual lay-by system.

Lay-by is available in 8 weekly payments or 4 fortnightly payments. An extended lay-by period of 16 weeks is available for individual items over $200.
Please note there are some changes to the terms and conditions AND set up of new lay-bys, so we request you read all the below information.

To take advantage of our lay-by, please read the below and complete the below form in full.

Once we have received your request, we will create the order for you and send through a PayPal Invoice with partial payment enabled. An initial installment of 20% of the total order amount including shipping is required immediately and the remainder is to be paid by the due date.

We have simplified our lay-by terms & conditions to the below:

All lay-by orders will include a surcharge of $3.

The minimum amount for lay-by orders is $75, excluding shipping.

The due date for all lay-by orders is 8 weeks from creation – with the exception of singular items over $200 in retail price.

If you lay-by an item over $200, you will have the option to have an extended payment period up to 16 weeks.

Lay-by orders can be cancelled, however a re-stocking fee of 6% of the total order amount plus $0.30 per transaction/payment applies.

If your payment is late, an overdue fee will be applied to your invoice. This fee is 3% of your full remaining balance, per week past the due date.

Your lay-by cannot be changed. This means no products can be removed, added or changed.

If you wish to change products at the end of your lay-by term – prior to it shipping, a re-stocking fee of 6% will be added to your lay-by invoice and payment will be required prior to your amended order being shipped.

All lay-by orders are created via PayPal invoices, however you can pay by PayPal using your balance or credit/debit card or bank transfer.