Pop Nation Australia Birthday Clubs!


Birthday Clubs are not a new concept to the Funko collecting world, however they’re new to Pop Nation Australia!

What is a birthday club?
It’s a group of 12 people who each claim one month of the year (usually the month of their birthday). In the month they have claimed they receive 11 Pop! Vinyl Figures picked from their own wishlist by the 11 other members of the group. In each of the other months, they pick and pay for a Pop! Vinyl Figure to be sent to the person who has claimed the month they are currently in.

How is Pop Nation Australia’s Birthday Club different to others?
Pop Nation Australia Birthday Clubs are run from within Pop Nation, members will be emailed the birthday person’s wishlist the month before their selection is required. Then will process their sale through the Pop Nation Australia website with a group specific free delivery code.

Once all 11 orders are in, Pop Nation Australia will collate these together. Each Pop! Vinyl Figure will be packed into a plastic protector and then individually wrapped in birthday themed wrapping paper. Before being bubble wrapped and lovingly packaged into a shipping box.

Each buyer will have the opportunity to purchase and include an individual, personalised birthday card within the package for an extra fee. The designs of these cards will be subject to availability. However we will always ensure they’re pop culture related and appropriate for the receiver!

So what does it cost?
Pop Nation Australia are proud to announce that the birthday club will cost just $16.50 per month for each spot they claim! This is the price of one Pop! Vinyl Figure. Packaging, wrapping and postage are included as a free service. Personalised birthday cards will be subject to availability and prices may vary.

Can I join at any time?
Pop Nation Australia will not begin the cycle of a birthday club until all 12 positions are filled. We endeavour to start new groups as the demand arises, but if we are full – you can put your name down to be included in the case that someone must drop out.

How do I join the birthday group?

To join, please fill in the below expression of interest form. Pop Nation Australia will get back to you as soon as we can!